Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If these pictures could talk

The story they carry


Susan said...


If these pictures could talk, what would they say to you?

Just Be Real said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Erin, my name is Deb and my daughter's were greatly served by the Children's Advocacy Center. I ran into a dear friend of mine and I believe you have met them too (Char and Dar) and they told me about your books, which I have ordered for my daughters. My oldest daughter has an amazing story much like yours. Her abuser ended up stalking her for the past 5 years. Since the offender is a juvenile and there was no domestic realtionship there was little that could be done legally to stop the behaviors. We literally had to wait for the staker to hurt her to get help (which is crazy because she was sexually assaulted by this offender four years earlier). My daughter lobbied and passed HB 693 which allows a person to get a restraining order even if they are not in a domestic relationship with the person trying to harm them. Anyway, I am always thanking Char and Dar for starting the CAC because there is no question it delivered my daughters (and our entire family)from darkness. In fact, I got to tell Char and Dar that the daughter I have described has just verballed to the University of Missouri for a full ride athletic scholarship and has decided to study...Criminology! She wants to help children who have been victimized. So I wanted to say thank you for writing the book. Thank you for not remaining silent. Thank you for working to pass a law that will help so many kids. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping end this pain for so many children!